Do Good Story

Every day, when my father dropped me off at school, he would shout after me, "Do something good for someone." So simple. So impactful. 

Yet on a macro level, words of affirmation, motivating statements, acts of spontaneous kindness, and pleasantries seem small. We take small gestures of goodwill for granted. Why?  We don’t trust each other. We don’t think we can make an impact. We don’t know the “right” thing to do.

Do Good Clothing Company is derived from the notion that we can do good in small and meaningful ways. Do Good creates goods and apparel that provide a subconscious and conscious reminder to make an effort, to reach out, to be a kind friend and responsible global citizen. It's as easy as that. We believe that small acts of good can save lives.

Our purpose is to make people feel great, by advocating for acceptance, social accountability, and sound consumerism. We just so happen to make quality goods and apparel. 

We vow to donate 20% of our profits to charity. Always. 

Because, if we don't serve a purpose beyond what we do, we have just another product. For us, if there is no "Why" then there can be no "How" or "What." 


The 2019 Do Good Clothing Company Charity:

Center for the Visually Impaired (CVI) mission is to empower people impacted by vision loss to live with independence and dignity. This organization helps thousands of people annually find self-reliance against adversity. CVI is also dear to our company. Do Good’s founder, Seth, is personally affected by degenerative eye disease. He has relied upon CVI in fundamental ways. CVI has provided him with the opportunities to drive, learn, and function beyond his natural means through excellent care and science. In aligning with CVI, Do Good Clothing Company will help to push the envelope on what we think tomorrow will bring. The horizon is bright and beautiful, and we want to help everyone experience it. 

Join us, as we continue to believe that doing good is important. 


August 9th, 2017, Do Good Clothing Company's launch date was set to celebrate the birthday of our founder's late father, Robert. May his legacy of doing good continue on through you, the people. 


Do Good,

Seth + Hope Loeb